Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Aurora and Newmarket Bars and Pubs

Here I'm collecting data on all the pub/bars in my area.

Working hours, price for pint of of domestic draft, pound of wings, special appetizers (if any) and some of my own comments about the place, crowd etc.

Some of the places are chains, but pint of beer is pint of beer anyways...

Crow's Nest

15 Prospect St. Newmarket, On. L3Y3T3 - Phone 905-953-8776

Closed at: Mon-Thu 11pm. Fri-Sat 11:30pm. Sun 10pm. - that's not late at all.
Pint: 6
Wings: $10

Grey Goat

74 Main Street, Newmarket, ON, Canada (905) 895-7902

UPD: Unfortunately this place is closed.

Almost always some crowd. Large loaded nachos can work as good meal for two.
Live bands every

Crabby Joe's

125 Pedersen Drive, Aurora, ON, Phone: 905-751-0006

Closed at: Mon-Thu 1am. Fri-Sat 2am. Sun 12pm. - Only Grey Goat can beat this.
Pint: $6 - kinda on expensive side
Wings: 11

Tuesday 39c wings. 1/2 price appetizers after 5pm.

St. Louise Bar and Grill

444 Hollandview Trail, Aurora, ON, L4G 7Z9, Phone: 905-841-4445

Closed at: ?? Need to verify but late enough.
Pint: $5.30
Wings: $11.50

1/2 price wings on tuesdays and wings are best in town.

If this place is outstanding for anything it would be waitresses and their dresses. Eye candies!