Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Barbarian Brewery. La Barberie. Quebec City

Address: 310 rue Saint-Roch, Québec, QC G1K 6S2
Phone: (418) 522-4373‎
Web: http://www.labarberie.com

By now - that's my absolute favorite microbrewery in Canada. Located in Quebec City, Barbarian Brewery makes over a dozen beers (see menu on the picture below), that would satisfy most picky beer lovers.

I'm not that frequent to Quebec City - there once a year or so. Every time I'm there - I'm making sure to visit the place. And almost surely some new beers are being served there. My favourite from the last visit - Jalopeno-flavored beer.

Brewery and "the tasting hall" are located about 20 minutes walk from old Quebec City - worth a hike. I would strongly advice you against walking back - take a cab - It would bee all up the hill if you'll try to walk. While in the brewery - there is a choice of samplers, so if you don't know yet what beer you like there - start with these.

Bring Your Own concept in Quebec is well developed. In many small restaurants you are welcomed to bring your own bottle of wine for dinner without any crazy "corkage fees" Ontario restaurants are famous for. In Barbarian Brewery/La Barberie - it's all the other way around. They serve no food. But you are welcomed to bring your own. If you'll ask for food menu, you'll be served with list of menus for the food places around, that do delivery.


  1. What a great concept - bring your own food! Love it - will definitely check this place out when we're next in QC - thanks for the tip on my blog!


    P.S. Jalapeno Beer?! How was it??

  2. Jalapeno beer - it has that jalapeno bite, so you want to compensate it with even more beer, as you'd like to do with spicy food.

    So would not drink that all day long, but surely unique and nice thing to try a pint.