Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Taftan Kebab, Persian Restaurant, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Address: 9625 Yonge St, unit #11, Richmond Hill, ON
Phone: 905-508-2644
Web: http://www.taftankebab.com

Hole-in-the wall Iranian place, on Yonge and Weldrick in Richmond Hill, halfway between 16th avenue and Major MacKenzie. Taftan is packed with local persian-speaking residents every night. Good indicators for quality and authenticity of the food.

Few chairs designed more for waiting for your take-out order to be ready, rather than for sit-down dinner, but you'll be welcomed to enjoy your lunch or dinner inside.

Menu at Taftan Kebab may seem overcrowded or foreign to you at the first glance. Iranian/Persian food considered by some as jewel of all Middle Eastern/Mediterranean cuisines. The same way the French is one for Europe. So worth exploring and some explanation.

Fesenjan - Chicken with pomegranage. Khoresht-e fesenjān (Persian: خورشت فسنجان), or simply fesenjān (Persian: فسنجان), is a dish in Persian cuisine. It is a thick, tart stew made from pomegranate juice and ground walnuts.

Ghaimeh is a Persian stew of which the main ingredients are cubed lamb, yellow split peas, onion and dried lime.

Ghormeh sabzi (Persian: قرمه سبزی) is an Iranian herb stew. It is an important element of Persian cuisine, often said to be the Iranian "national dish". The main ingredients are a mixture of sauteed herbs, consisting mainly of parsley, leek, and a smaller amount of fenugreek leaves, spinach and coriander may be added. This mixture is cooked with kidney beans, green onions, chives, dried limes, and Lamb or veal meat.

The rest of the menu are Kebaps in one form or another. All kebabs are grilled right before your eyes on a charcoal grill.

Kabab koobideh (Persian: کباب کوبیده) is an Iranian minced meat kebab/kabab which is made from ground meet (lamb or beef), often mixed with parsley and chopped onions.
Besides ground meet, Kabab Koubideh contains: onion, salt, pepper, turmeric, and koobideh seasoning. Ingredients are mixed well together until the mixture becomes smooth and sticky. The mixture is then pressed around a skewer.

Chicken, Beef, Lamb, and even Quail kebabs in various combinations are there as well. All served with rice and salad. You may also ask for any of the kebabs to be served as a pita sandwich.

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  1. You can also try Persian Palace


  2. Horrible customer service!

    We placed an order a few days in advance for an event we were hosting. When placing the order, we confirmed that tomatoes were included with the order, which they confirmed it was.

    I go to pick up the order and they were out of tomatoes. After speaking to the manager, who has no customer service skills, and was making excuses , blaming the supplier, saying there was a shortage for tomatoes, and making no effort to resolve the situation. We reluctantly took the order as is , but, I would definitely not be placing any more orders with these guys.